Kuterra FAQs

The facts about KUTERRA Atlantic salmon and why it's the salmon of choice for your health and for the environment.

Why Atlantic salmon?

We often get asked why we would choose to raise Atlantic salmon instead of one of the Pacific salmon species. Atlantic salmon is one of the main types of salmon that grow well on a farm, and it's the salmon of choice for commercial growers. But the reason we chose to grow Atlantic salmon is because it's the salmon of choice for millions of seafood eaters. We want to lead the way in meeting this demand for Atlantic salmon with farming practices that don't harm the environment. We want to show that Land-Raised™ Atlantic salmon aquaculture is the way to do this and to improve salmon quality at the same time.

Where can I buy it?

KUTERRA Atlantic salmon is available at select seafood counters Canada and the United States. If you have any questions about availability or distribution, contact our sales manager, Cody Smith.

Where is the salmon raised?

We raise our fish on land in a closed containment recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in 'Namgis First Nation traditional territory. We are on Northern Vancouver Island near Port McNeill, British Columbia.

Why is KUTERRA Land Raised™ salmon considered sustainable salmon?

Raising salmon on land is an efficient, environmentally sustainable alternative to older industry methods:

  • It eliminates the need for antibiotics.
  • It protects the marine and land environment from contamination.
  • It requires 30 percent less feed than older ocean fish farming methods.

How humanely do you treat the salmon?

Humane treatment is care for animals that increases contentment and decreases stress. When fish are content and unstressed they show it in their behaviour, healthy appetites and fast growth rates. KUTERRA salmon show all these signs. It makes us confident that we have the best conditions for the fish. These conditions include such things as the best water temperature and oxygen content. Our fish are also protected from predators, parasites and pathogens, which reduces their stress.

How can the fish be happy when they have to grow in a container?

Salmon are schooling fish. Even when salmon have the whole ocean available to swim in, they usually school up in close groups, which seems to be their choice rather than a source of stress. Our containers are designed to give fish closeness along with plenty of swimming room. In choosing our specifications, we're guided by the fish, choosing the amount of room that gives fish plenty of exercise and doesn't produce signs of stress.

How can growing fish on land possibly be energy efficient?

We reduce, reuse and recycle. We reuse and recycle most of our water with biofilters. These biofilters are colonies of special bacteria that feed on the waste from the fish and clean the recycled water naturally. We reduce the amount of heating and power we need because we reuse the heat that is given off by the bodies of the fish as they grow. Farming on land reduces transportation costs and it means we don't need diesel generators (except as part of our emergency backup measures). We have the newest energy-saving technologies throughout our farm. BC Hydro's Power Smart program has recognized this and supports our initiatives.

Is KUTERRA SALMON Genetically modified?

No. KUTERRA Land Raised Atlantic salmon is not modified genetically. It is the same type of Atlantic salmon that was first caught and domesticated many decades ago. KUTERRA salmon grow quickly because our land-based facility offers the best conditions for salmon. The ideal temperature and water conditions and the absence of environmental threats mean that KUTERRA salmon have a low-stress environment, use feed more efficiently and grow faster than salmon growing in ocean pens.

Where can I learn more about the KUTERRA process?

Read about us and our process in the news. And these sites have good information about the details and benefits of the type of closed containment system we use to grow our fish:

Do you have a question we haven't answered? We're happy to help! Tell us what you want to know about KUTERRA sustainable salmon and sustainable aquaculture.